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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Lyrical Press

Frank and I are often asked why we decided to open Lyrical Press. The answer to that is as simple and it is complicated. When I’d entered into publishing back in 2004, I had quite a few expectations…as do many first-time authors. I’d learned through trial-by-fire not every hope and dream I’d nursed over the years would—or even could—be fulfilled. That was a difficult fact for me to face. I’d also made some terrible mistakes as an author, and in doing so, I’d accumulated valuable knowledge about the business of being an author and about publishing in general.

Although I love writing, there always seemed to be something missing once I was published. Like one piece to the puzzle of my career was missing. Trying to find it, I’d worked as a cover artist for three different houses, edited as well…but there was always that void. That’s when Frank and I got serious about Lyrical Press.

Frank and I had always talked about opening a house, had researched that area of the industry almost from the day I’d signed my first contract. We’d studied what worked and what caused a house to fail. Many nights were spent building our business model. We’d combined our areas of expertise. Mine is the creative side of things and being the voice of Lyrical. I’m the person who greets you at the door, so to speak. Frank is the one behind the scenes. He’s the more business side of the house. He comes up with fantastic ideas and together, we flesh them out.

We have more than just a marriage made in heaven. We have the ideal partnership on every level and I know that works in Lyrical’s favor.

We also have a few secret weapons. The first is Emma Wayne Porter, Lyrical’s executive editor. Not only is she smart and savvy, she plays the heck out of Rock Band! Next, we have an incredible staff, all of whom have a steadfast determination for quality and a passion for this industry. Then we have our authors. What fascinating and talented writers they are! Each of their voices adds richness to Lyrical. Lastly, but certainly not least, are the readers. Lyrical is so very lucky to have such an amazing readership.

So, the answer to why Frank and I decided to open Lyrical is, we both knew we had something positive to contribute to the industry. We had something positive to offer both readers and authors.

The road here was rough, but one worth traveling and we both look forward to continuing along on this journey. We hope you’ll all come along for the ride.

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