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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Stacey Joy Netzel


Hi everyone, I’m Stacey. I’m very excited to be here at LASR and look forward to a great week!

At the beginning of July I got back in the saddle both literally and figuratively. We have a 6 year old gelding named Bullet who hasn’t been broke to ride yet. Now, we’ve had him since he was 6 months old, so the fault is all mine, but the last time I broke a horse was when I was 14 and fearless. Kaleb, my baby, is now 24 years old and I know how much it will hurt if/when I hit the ground. It doesn’t help that Bullet is taller than Kaleb, either.

Add a saddle, and it’s a good 8 inches farther to fall. (did I mention I prefer riding bareback?)

On the figurative side, I took a break from writing in January until the end of June. I was filling in full time for some people at work, 10 hr days, when my normal hours are 2/10 hr days/wk. I knew I’d be exhausted by the end of the day, I’d have kids begging for attention, and how fair would it be to them if I went straight to the computer after dinner? (Major kudos to anyone who can work full time, write, and still keep their family happy.) Then I was laid off at the end of June, and it was time to write my next book.

Back to the horse. Well, I did it. With my husband (thank God for his muscles) holding Bullet (aptly named by our son, I must say) I pulled myself into the saddle. Good news is, I managed to only get bucked off once--into the manure pile. I know, sounds gross--but it's old manure that's been weathered for awhile and was dry and the best part (yes, there's a positive to this) is that it was a soft landing! LOL I got back on, thought I was going off again, but my dh held on tight and we got Bullet back under control, took a slow walk around the corral, dismounted, mounted, dismounted a few times, and called it a successful enough morning.

Writing wise? I’m 75 pages into my new book and loving it!

Let’s take a look at how writing is like riding a horse. If you get bucked off (i.e.. a rejection, bad review, bad critique) you MUST GET BACK ON. For your own peace of mind, and, you cannot let the horse’s memory of the session end with him bucking you off, or that’s the first thing he’ll try to do at the beginning of the next session. In his mind, it’s “Get her off and I’m done.” Same for writing, if you don’t pick yourself off, dust off your bruises—and there will be bruises along the way—you won’t get back on again, and you’re done.

It’s your dream; you deserve it (to quote the great Sherrilyn Kenyon there). If you’re reading this and say, “Sounds good, but I’m not a writer.", well, guess, what? It works for anything. Insert your dream HERE. Be stubborn and vow to persevere. If you persist and don’t give up, eventually you’ll be walking, then trotting, then galloping around the corral. I’m still walking on the horse, but writing wise, I’ve worked up to a gallop.

To be entered into the regular and bonus give-a-ways this week, tell me what dream you’re working toward, or one you’ve achieved.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Stacey Joy Netzel


Hywela Lyn said...

This was a particularly interesting article for me, Stacey, because I love horses and hav two of my own but unfortunately no land of my own, so it's quite a jorney to get there to be able to ride, although hubby passes them every day on his way home from work so can check on them/feed them if I'm not able to make the journey.

So my dream is to one day be able to move back to my native Wales and have the horses a lot closer if not actually at the same place. A bit of a pipe dream perhaps, but you never know.

I'd not thought of writing and riding being similar before, but you're right, picking oneself up after a rejection is a bit like getting back into the saddle after having a fall.

Good luck with Bulet. He looks lovely. (I had a half Arab mare who I didn't break to saddle until she was five years old, and she was the easiest horse I've ever trained!)

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Hey Hywela, I completely understand having horses away from where you live. I spent about 8 years like that after having grown up with them in the backyard. When my husband and I were house hunting, that was a MUST--land for the horses and it took us 2 years to find the right place. I hope you get your dream some day!!

Thanks for coming by and don't forget to visit each day for more chances to win. :) Thursday I'll be talking about summer vacations and I'd love to hear about yours. :)

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Great blog, Stacey! And such pretty pictures of your horses! This city girl can't even imagine getting up on a horse let alone being thrown...LOL

Chasin' Mason is such a great read, as are all your stories. :-)

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Stacey, love the post! As with every other author, it was a dream to get published but it wasn't until I held an actual copy of DENIED ORIGIN in my hands that that dream really, really came true. I'll forever have TWRP to thank for that. But there's another part of that dream that hasn't come true yet and that's seeing my work on a shelf in the romance section of, say, BaM or B&N. So that's the dream I'm working on now.

All my life, I only had three dreams: to be published, to find my soul mate, and to be a mother. I've hit two out of three so far...and might just be decorating the nursery soon ;)



Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Donna, I'd love to get you up on a horse someday and take a picture just because. :) I will always cherish your wonderful review of Chasin' Mason.

Amber, getting published was always one of my dreams, too. Congratulations on yours and I can't wait to hear news of number 3! *grin* Woo Hoo!

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Amber!!! So, are you thinking maybe you...are? Having children was one of my dreams as well, and it took quite awhile (started to think I'd never have kids). But one thing is certain, once that first baby comes, your writing time will dwindle down to trickles of time...LOL

SiNn said...

What a cool essay! Those horses r stunning id love to learn to ride some day.My goal and dream is to open my own entertainment complex, and someday finish my manuscript for a book im working on. Oh and getting married that goals in the works with me and my fiance but one day at a time really with that lol

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

SiNn, that'd be cool to open your own entertainment complex. I always said if I won the lottery, after I employed a maid, I'd want a movie theater in my house. I LOVE movies! Continue working on that book--you'll get it done, and congratulations on the upcoming nuptials. :) I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful day!

A.Y. Stratton said...

Hi, Stacey, I know I'm late to respond to your blogs on this great web site, but I wanted you to know I read and enjoyed them all, especially the sweet one you wrote with your husband's help. I can't wait to hear my husband's answer to what I do that seems romantic to him.
I suppose either consciously or unconsciously all of the heroes we write about in our romance stories have something in common with our real life lovers.

A. Y. Stratton

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Anne, that's very true. And then there are the times my heroes do what I wish my hubby would do. *grin* Thanks for stopping--better late than never. :)