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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Sandra Kay


I want to thank Long and Short Reviews for featuring me on their Author Spotlight this week. It has been a pleasure to be here, and to chat with LASR members as well as guests. I’d love for you to stop by my website and check out my family photos. Please take time to read the wonderful reviews Heart of Stone has received.

I attended a family reunion over the 4th of July, and have to express how supportive my family is. They organized a mini book signing for me. It was fun and exciting. I only wish I had gotten some pictures to post on my website. Maybe someone in the family will send me some.

Before I sign off for the week, I’d like to post another excerpt of Heart of Stone. I hope you enjoy it!

“You’ve got to believe me, Amber. Liz doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“Well, I don’t believe you. And I don’t think she believes you, either. I saw the way you looked at her as she left tonight.” Amber’s hands came up in front of her as if to protect herself from his excuses. Her voice shook. “I…I can’t stay here. I’m going to take the babies and go back to the boarding house.” She turned toward the closet to get her small suitcase.

Stone jumped to his feet and grabbed her arm, spinning her around to face him. “Amber, you can’t just run away. Let’s talk this through.”

She pushed at him. Fear crawled over her skin like a living entity. An onslaught of remembered emotions suffocated her—fear, panic, helplessness. Heart pounding, breath ragged. Images of being held down, crushing weight… She fought with all the strength she had, knowing full well that, just as before, her best wouldn’t be enough to save her. Unheeded tears streamed down her cheeks.

Their brief struggle dislodged the remaining strap from her shoulder. The lace clung desperately to the peaks of her breasts. Each rise and fall of her harsh breathing threatened to cause the silky lingerie to slip even further.

Stone’s sudden stillness finally broke through her anger and fear. Like statues, unmoving, they gazed at each other, their common desire forging a daring path through the arguments and misunderstandings.

“I don’t want to be hurt again, Blue-Eyes.”

“Hurting you is the last thing I ever wanted to do.” He bracketed her face in his large hands, lifted a tear from her cheek with his finger and put it to his own lips.

Amber’s knees buckled under the intimacy of his action. He nuzzled her cheek, sending shivers up her spine.

“I’m so sorry, Amber. I’ve been such a selfish bastard.”

His husky voice resonated against her skin. Warm breath stirred the hair at her temples, tickling her ears. He pulled her into a crushing embrace. His lips, soft and demanding at the same time, slid down her cheek to attack her mouth with a fierceness that startled her.

Amber’s hands, trapped between their bodies, felt his quickening heartbeat. Pressed against his chest, she had no defenses against the tenderness of his kiss or the incredibly slow and non-threatening way he caressed her. Instinctively, she knew his power wasn’t a physical threat. This was nothing like what had happened to her before meeting Stone. She relaxed in his arms, giving herself over to the kiss.

His tongue knocked gently at the seam of her lips until, with a sigh, she opened her mouth to answer his passion. Vince Gill’s lilting voice singing When Love Finds You wrapped around her, while Stone’s magic wove a heated path through her.

He lifted his head, blue eyes blazing with a fire to match the one burning inside her. The planes of his face were tight with desire.

“I want you, little gal. I’ve wanted you for so long. Let me make love to you…to my wife.”

His low baritone vibrated against every nerve in her body. She couldn’t think with his hands caressing her back in slow circles, moving lower… “I…I…”

“You want me too, Amber. Say it.” His urgent words pleaded for a response, while his hungry eyes delved into her inner being, seeking an answer from her.

“Yes, I want you, Blue-Eyes.”

At the intimate nickname, the light in his eyes flared, and a growl escaped his throat. One hand tangled in her hair, cupped her head, angled it for better access to her lips. He brushed hers—again and again—before he dipped his tongue inside, exploring the depths of her mouth.

“You taste good,” he murmured against her lips.

“So do you,” Amber sighed.

Stone grazed the thin straps down her arms, causing the lace to lose its tenuous grasp on her breasts.

Title: Heart of Stone

Author: Sandra Kay

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

ISBN: 1-60154-429-4

Buy Link:


LuAnn said...

These have been a great set of posts for this week. I've enjoyed reading them. Thanks, Sandra!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, LuAnn, for following the posts all week. I appreciate it.