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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Sandy James


Sometimes, I feel like a person tugged in two different directions. For the last fifteen years, I’ve been a social studies teacher – Psychology and United States History. My life revolved around teaching and nurturing teenagers. Add my own two children to the almost two-hundred new kids I have every year, and one could easily say my life was all about kids.

Then I started writing. When the younger of my two children was as senior in high school, I wrote my first book. Since that day, I’ve had two jobs. Those jobs make me one very busy lady, but it’s a good type of busy.

Whenever the school days get a bit too hectic, I can turn to my writing in the evenings and on weekends to help me find my focus again. I can live anywhere, be anyone, and never leave my nice suburban house. And whenever my writing tends to be stalled out or I become frustrated with a story, there’s almost always a student activity I can attend to bring me back from make believe to reality. Of course, there are always summer vacations, spring breaks, and two weeks off at Christmas to catch up on writing or editing. I believe I’ve chosen two careers that compliment each other well.

So I might be torn in two, but both parts are sublimely happy.


lainey bancroft said...

"Sublimely happy" is always good. =)

And, hey, if you can manage to write and teach and be torn only in two, you're doing well. My multiple personalities would fill an entire class room. :0

Sandy James said...

Hi, Lainey!! I think I teach psychology because I understand being "crazy" so well. :-)