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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Black Lyon Publishing

Kerry A. Jones, publisher of Black Lyon Publishing, says, "Hello, romance fans! I’m so excited that The Long & Short of It has invited Black Lyon Publishing to be in their spotlight. I have five great books and authors to tell you about … and to show our appreciation for visiting here, Black Lyon is giving away one ebook (any one of your choice from the five featured this week) to each of three different winners."

Remembering Erin by John Foley

“The heart remembers what the mind forgets.” That sentence from the back of the book sums up the core of Remembering Erin. John says he set out to write a story about regret, loss and redemption – and wow did he ever! At the start of Remembering Erin, his hero has just awoken from a coma with only the name Erin on his lips. As his memories unfold, so does a story of a once-in-a-lifetime love. The “black moments” in this story are real tearjerkers, but I think that’s what helps make the ending of the book so powerful. This love story is also unusual in that it comes primarily from the hero’s point of view – and it makes you believe that some loves are just meant to be.


The heart remembers
what the mind forgets.

After surviving a vicious bear attack, Sean Mulaney awakens in an Anchorage, Alaska hospital with a veil over his memories. Erin is the name he whispers in his sleep. Baffling to those around him is the identity of the woman who clings to the edges of his mind and the reason she’s not at his bedside.

As the veil lifts, Sean pieces together stories of passionate love, plans made, and a dream ripped apart. In the midst of his recovery, the greatest survival story of all might be that of a love lost seventeen years earlier—a love destined to be again.


redbird said...

This sounds like my kind of book. I am already wondering about Erin and if the hero will find her again. Great synopsis.

Thanks for including it as a feature. I hope to read it this summer!

Kytaira said...

This sounds like another great emotional read. I also wondered if Erin and the hero reunite. Thanks!