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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Donna Dawson

I have not yet met a person who didn’t dream of flying. I don’t mean the kind where you buy a ticket, stand in a long line of people waiting to have their personal items sifted through and climb into a long metal tube with flaps. I mean really flying. Like one does in dreams. While the thought of that metal tube with flaps scares all common sense from me, the thought of spreading wings and lifting into the air currents is one that grips me even in waking hours. Even as I sit and stare out the window I can see it all as though it is real.

I stand at the crest of the knoll that overlooks the creek just beyond the barn there. The wind is up but not heavy—just enough to gain lift. I tip my face into it, tasting it, closing my eyes to it and feeling the caress of invisible fingers. I have feathers. Oh not everywhere. Just over the points of my shoulders and down my spine. They cover the protrusions of muscle and hollow bone. I feel the wind tug at the tucked pinions and I shiver in anticipation. With a stretch, I unfold the great lengths that are my wings and I shake them to straighten the feathers. I turn my head to the left and then the right, looking at the great canopies that are lifted in arches, cupped to allow the wind to pass. I must wait for the right moment. I crouch low, feeling the updraft of a current of warm air and in that moment, I leap into the air. My pinions reach for their full length, flattening over one another as they fan out into long kites. The wind snatches them and jerks me up into its embrace. And then I am sailing, my curved wings making minute adjustments with each change in draft. The ground speeds by below me as I spiral upward, riding the chimneys of hot air. I am sky bound. I am free.

Donna Fawcett is a creative writing instructor at a local college in Ontario, Canada and an award winning writer. She writes romance, mystery, suspense and thriller novels. She is also a freelance writer and has been published in national and international magazines. Donna speaks at conferences and shares her love of writing with elementary and high school students as she involves them in classroom writing workshops. Her books Fires of Fury (an e-book by Awe-struck books), Redeemed, The Adam & Eve Project and Vengeance (Word Alive Press – print books) can be found at or at your local book store.

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