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Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Donna Dawson

I sit here, staring out into the sunshine that has finally come to our northern niche. Snow lays scattered over top a blanket of dormant grass and I wonder at the persistence of the vegetation. It lies for months at a time, smothered under the heavy, cold of our winter. One would think it should die, starved of sunlight and oxygen but it merely waits. It sleeps and dreams of the spring when the weight is gone and the brightness bursts through old sullen clouds.

There are days when I am, in my mind, there amidst the grass blades. I am one of billions and feel crushed beneath the weight of life. Obscure, unnoticed and trampled down. The darkness of uncertainty blankets me, its absoluteness threatening to crush all hope from me. And then my world shifts ever so slightly. It turns me just a bit closer to the sun. And with the growing warmth of that shining satellite the heaviness of cold reality lightens. With each minuscule rotation reality thaws into possibility. The darkness fades and the brilliance of hope bursts forth again leaving me vibrant and reaching upward.

Yes, the grass is flat. It isn’t as green as it should be. Some of it is still buried beneath persistent drifts. But it is alive! And it, like me, will surge forth with abundant newness when the sun turns its full face upon it.

Donna Fawcett is a creative writing instructor at a local college in Ontario, Canada and an award winning writer. She writes romance, mystery, suspense and thriller novels. She is also a freelance writer and has been published in national and international magazines. Donna speaks at conferences and shares her love of writing with elementary and high school students as she involves them in classroom writing workshops. Her books Fires of Fury (an e-book by Awe-struck books), Redeemed, The Adam & Eve Project and Vengeance (Word Alive Press – print books) can be found at or at your local book store.

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Kytaira said...

Beautiful writing. I went over to your site and read about Fires of Fury. It sounds like a very interesting book.