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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Author Interview: Faith V. Smith

The Long and the Short of It is very pleased to welcome Faith V. Smith, author of Kensington's Soul, which has just been released by The Wild Rose Press. Kensington's Soul is the first book in Faith's paranormal series, "Bound by Blood, The Legends." She's currently working on the second book of the series, Dunbar's Curse, which is the story of Miles Dunbar, one of Zacke's vampire friends, as well as working on a few other paranormal manuscripts. I asked her to tell us a little bit about Dunbar's Curse.

"It's the story of a vampire who rescues a child from an abduction, watches over her for years, and then realizes he is in love with her," she said. "I can't reveal a lot but will say that those who loved the ending of Kensington's Soul will, I hope, be just as enthralled with how Dunbar's Curse ends."

Faith admitted not being sure what got her into writing. She just knows that she's always wanted to write, even as a small child. She laughed when she told me, "I have always had a vivid imagination. When not reading, and believe me I would sneak a book in between my schoolbooks during class, I loved to play act. I could plan an entire television series inside my head. My way of escaping was to dream and thank the good Lord, I was blessed to be able to put my dreams into books."

And, she's literally been writing since she was a child, beginning with poems and short stories in grade school. From the time she was in high school, she started many manuscripts, finishing her first full in 2002. "I started out on a royal manual typewriter, then an electric, moving on to a word processor, and finally a series of computers," she explained.

I asked Faith if she's ever suffered from writer's block and how she handled it, if so.

"Yes, actually I have had that happen," she confessed. "With the advice of a friend who was a college teacher, he told me to turn off my monitor and write like that. That the creative side of my brain was warring with the practical side. I penned an article called, "Mind Over Matter," on that very topic."

Faith shared with me that she has many friends who has influenced her, both authors and non-writers. She told me it was their support and belief that she could do it that made the difference. "I would love to name names," she said, "but there are so many I don't want to slight anyone."

I'm always interested in where authors write, so I asked Faith to describe her writing space.

"I write in a section of my bedroom," she told me. "I know, it's not truly an office, but whenever I try to move away from that one space, I'm just not comfortable. I love to write in my gown and slippers."

And, it's obviously working for her, since Faith has written four complete novels and has several more in various stages. She told me that normally she starts out with the characters and then the plot just develops from there.

On a personal note, Faith told me that she doesn't like how she looks in pictures. "I hate having my picture made," she said. "I know we are our own worse critics but I can't help it." She laughed and added, "I also try not to look in the mirror."

A saying she uses a lot? "Snap and God Bless America. Also Turnip Greens," she said with a laugh.

She used to enjoy thunderstorms, but now they scare her. In fact, a way to keep storms from hurting people is one thing she believes scientists should invent. Oh, and also a car that folds up.

She's a night person, and she also sleeps with the light on—for a very good reason. "I broke three toes one time when the light was off and got up during the night," she explained.

"What stereotype would you label yourself as?" I asked.

"A loner," she replied. "I know a lot of people don't believe it, but I've always been content with being by myself—reading, writing, etc."

Finally, I asked Faith what advice she would give to a new writer just starting out.

"I would say that you need to know the fundamentals of writing," she said. "You know, how to set up a manuscript, point of view, Rue, past perfect tense. But one of the most important things is to have the story inside you and don't give up!"

You can keep up with Faith on her blog,

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