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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Kerrelyn Sparks


I’m real excited about the next two books in the Love at Stake series which are coming out back to back. The sixth book in the series, Secret Life of a Vampire, released March 31st. I wrote about it yesterday. Today, I’d like to tell you about the seventh book in the series, Forbidden Nights with a Vampire, which hits the bookstores on April 28th.

The vampire in Forbidden Nights with a Vampire refers to Vanda Barkowski. If you’ve read the previous books, you’ll know that Vanda is a former harem member and now manages a male strip club called the Horny Devils. (It’s like a Chippendales for vampires.)

Vanda has a bit of an anger problem. After getting sued by three male dancers from her club, she’s summoned to vampire coven court. There, she’s sentenced to undergo anger management, which of course, makes her very angry. She’s supposed to have a sponsor, but none of the male vamps want to take on the volatile Vanda.

Phil Jones volunteers for the job. He’s had a secret crush on Vanda for years, so he welcomes the chance to get close to her. Vanda objects. She’s attracted to Phil, but she’s afraid he’ll hate her if he discovers the dark secrets from her past that are causing her anger. Besides, Phil is a mortal day guard, and there’s no way a mortal can handle her! Vanda is in for quite a shock. Phil is actually a werewolf! If you’d like to watch the book video for Forbidden Nights with a Vampire, you can find it at

Which kind of hero would you want to date? A vampire or a werewolf?

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