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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Vanessa Kelly

Regency Cant: lady-birds and lightskirts

Regency men had the chance to mix with not just the elegant debutantes of the haut ton, but women of every level of society. And of course the inevitable happened. Women were more restricted, but members of both sexes managed to have their little indiscretions from time-to-time.

Of course there were lots of cant terms relating to sex…

Loose in the haft: a man of loose morals

Rake: from 'rakehell.' A sexually voracious man


Abbess: female brothel keeper, or procurer of prostitutes

Barque of frailty: woman of low morals

Bird of paradise: higher-class prostitute

Chère-amie: a mistress

Game-pullet: a young prostitute

An impure: a fallen woman

Incognitas: a masked whore

Lady-bird: a fallen woman or prostitute

Light o' love: mistress

Lightskirt: prostitute

One of the muslin company: prostitute or paid mistress

Paphian: woman of low morals

Trollop: a woman of low morals

The results…

Base-born child: an illegitimate child

By-blow: an illegitimate child

On-dit: gossip

Side-slip: a bastard child

It's been great being with LASR this week! If you want to learn more about the wild and fascinating world of the Regency, please visit my website and check out REGENCY RELOADED, where I discuss all the crazy stuff that doesn’t always make its way into the books!


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