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Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Kerrelyn Sparks


I hope you enjoyed the book trailers for my two new releases, Secret Life of a Vampire and Forbidden Nights with a Vampire. If you’d like to see the book videos for the fourth and fifth books of the series (The Undead Next Door and All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire), please visit the Vampire World section of my website,, and click on videos.

Book videos can be both exciting and problematic to produce. All of mine have been done by Circle of Seven productions, and they do fabulous work. Even so, each video presents a bit of a challenge. You have approximately one minute to describe a book and hook the watcher into wanting to read it. You usually have about sixty-five to seventy words to work with. Once you’ve mentioned the bare essentials like book title, author’s name, title of the series, release date, and author website, you’ve used up more than a dozen of those words. Introduce your hero and heroine and your word count keeps dwindling. There simply isn’t room for much plot or romantic conflict. All you can do is give an intriguing hint of the plot and a sizzling glimpse of the romance.

A problem I run into is the tone. My books are a mixture of danger and comedy, so it can be very difficult to convey both suspense and humor in one minute.

Another problem is the pictures. Most of the photos out there have the guy and girl with big smiles. Don’t you usually smile for the camera? But a smiling hero or heroine doesn’t work for a video that’s hinting at danger and suspense.

In spite of the difficulties, I have a great time working on the videos. What do you think of book videos? Have you ever watched one that convinced you to buy the book?

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