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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Jeannie Ruesch

In reading the information given to my by this fabulous website and what I could talk about in my spotlight essays, I noticed (now, of course after I’ve talked about underwear and sex scenes) that they mention this is my chance to tell readers what’s important to me. So I thought I would end my spotlight week with something a little more serious: what I’ve learned over the years, in writing, in life, that helps me meet my goals.

Becoming an author has been my dream since I was six years old. I remember the white princess desk I sat at when I wrote my first story. And when I finished that, I knew it was my “calling” in life. Over the years, my pursuit of that dream has wavered at times, but it has never gone away. Life does get in the way, and you have to adjust your goals—whether long or short term—to match the issues you face.

My story isn’t all that different from many people. My childhood had some wonderful moments, as well as some painful ones. My parents divorced when I was a teenager, complete with all the angst it implies (and then some.) I’ve had my heart broken, more than once…and some of those times required a complete overhaul of my deeply held beliefs about my life. I’ve made mistakes, bad choices and I’ve struggled to learn from them. I’ve taken the risk of looking in the mirror on a regular basis and asked, “Do I like who I see?” If not, it’s time to take stock about what needs to be changed.

It’s been thirty years since I wrote that first story, and my dream of being published is finally here. I made it. Dreams do come true. I believe Abraham Lincoln once said that he believed in luck, and the harder he worked, the more luck he had.

So above everything else in my life, I’ve learned this: If you want something, don’t give up on it now matter how hard you have to work. No matter how many set-backs or how difficult the road is. Because just when it seems that your road to success has taken a backwards shortcut that leads nowhere, you might be surprised to find a path in the trees…that leads you to exactly where you need to be.

Thank you for having me, and sharing my dreams with me this week. I’m grateful.

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