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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Lindsay Townsend

Romantic Tension - Showing a Couple Falling in Love.

Here are my 'stages' of romantic tension. (Once my given couple notice each other, stages 4 to 9 can be endlessly intertwined.) These stages are in no set order and I use them in whatever order I feel is right for my characters:

1. Spotting each other - First Encounter.
2. Talking/ Getting to know each other.
3. Noticing - what’s special about that person, above all others.
4. Looking. Pleasure of looking.
5. More getting to know.
6. Desire. To touch. To taste. To feel.
7. Semi-erotic encounters as the couple move in on each other. These encounters can be charged with the fear of rejection, the fear of their own desire showing or breaking through.
8. First kiss/embrace/clinch/lovemaking.
9. More.

I have my own personal favorite high points, and I love writing the first kiss moment. Here's part of one, taken from A Knight's Vow:

"Only a few moments had passed since Guillelm had saved her from the odious Thierry and claimed his reward of a kiss. In the final instant, Alyson feared to allow him anything more than the most chaste of embraces, afraid of revealing too much of her own feelings, but now his mouth came down on hers and she was lost. As his lips
brushed hers, she felt a shock of feeling tingle down her body in an astonishing wave of heat. She felt his arms clamp around her slender middle, gathering her closer, lifting her to him..."


Linda Banche said...

Hi Lindsay, I like Stage 1, when they first see each other and their worlds change. Even better if if they've known each other for years, and they see each other differently.

Lindsay Townsend said...

I agree, Linda- the 'spotting' point, or becoming aware of each other in a different way, is always a special moment.

Martha Eskuchen said...

Hi Lindsay - I'm impressed with each of your posts. Thanks for sharing such good info. I'm thinking your books should be really good!! So I will just have to get one or more. :) BTW - I chose stage 7 cause things can get sooo interesting at that stage!

Julie Robinson said...

That's a toughie, Linda! They're all good, though I like stages 2 and 3 in any relationship because I just love getting to know people.

BTW, this is another printout. I like the separation of the steps for clarity's sake.