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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Karen Wiesner

If Writing Wasn’t an Option {God forbid!}, What Would I Do?

If wasn’t a writer, I would be an editor, cover art (and promotional item) designer, and/or website designer. Actually, lol, I do all of these things, but none as a career—more as sidelines to my writing.

I edited Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume I, the first award-winning anthology my promotional group, Jewels of the Quill, produced. I’ve co-edited each subsequent group anthology.

I design all the Jewels of the Quill book covers, as well of most of my own, including the Falcon’s Bend Series covers, and several for other authors. You can view my cover designs here:

I also enjoy designing websites and graphics for my pages.

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