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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Jenny Gilliam

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

I’ve warred in a two-year-long battle with myself over writing. I call it a “hiatus.” Others (those connected to reality), call it writer’s block. Or being just plain scared and lazy.

I’m an “all or nothing” kind of gal. I wrote my four novels in the span of a year, had them all published in the span of another year, and spent the following year kicking my own butt because I was terrified of the computer. Every time I walked by my desk, I imagined large, ferocious teeth snapping at me, or a little voice making chicken noises from the speakers. (Yes, I’m well aware of the fact I may be insane.)

So, what have I done about it? Well, a good way to start is to accept an offer from your publisher, agreeing to write a 25K novella for an anthology. Now I have a deadline. (I really hope my editor isn’t reading this right now.) Never fear, however, it’s half-written. And I’m back on the writing bandwagon. Some other things I did:

*Went to the Romance Writer’s of America’s annual National Conference (which helped)

*Attended various seminars and workshops

*Purchased a large portion of the “Writer’s Reference” stock at my local bookstore

*Actually wrote

Eventually, it was my yearning to be an author that brought me back around. I made goals (I didn’t meet any of them, but I made them), I agreed (scarily) to write in that anthology (which comes out this summer, by the way), and I’m just plain going to start writing again. Screw that little voice that says I can’t. And that’s that.

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