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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Helen Scott Taylor

Everyone loves an Irish hero with a soft Irish brogue and sexy blue eyes. Ireland is a country overflowing with mysticism and tales of fairies and leprechauns. As Ireland is a short hop across the Irish Sea from my home in England, it was the perfect place to use as the second setting for my story in The Magic Knot.

The Irish Tuatha Dè Danaan are a beautiful race of human sized fairies descended from Greek gods who arrived on the Emerald Isle millennia ago. They are trooping fairies, which means they live together in groups. As soon as I read about this mysterious race, I knew I’d discovered my hero’s identity. But to make things a little more interesting, Niall O’Connor, the hero of The Magic Knot, is not purebred Tuatha Dè Danaan. He is half leprechaun. And yes, in my world leprechauns are little people. Luckily, Niall and his identical twin brother Michael take after their father in looks and stature. But Niall is rather touchy about his leprechaun blood.

Despite Niall’s sensitivity about his bloodline, he is dedicated to his half sister who is purebred leprechaun. At the start of the story, he is living in exile in Cornwall, hiding his sister from the Irish fairy queen who has threatened to harm her. He depends on Rose’s druid father to cast spells to hide his sister, so he becomes embroiled in Rose’s adventure when she arrives in Cornwall. Tomorrow I’ll talk about other characters from The Magic Knot.

The Magic Knot is a quick-moving romance filled with action, intrigue and memorable characters. This is a book that will have readers hoping it's the start of a series!”
—Fresh Fiction

To read a two-chapter excerpt of The Magic Knot, go to and follow the link.

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