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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Marianne Arkins

A Change of Heart started out as a joke and a challenge. In the romance community, we tend to laugh about the standard category romances that include things like secret babies and cowboys. So, of course I had to take the challenge to write a secret-baby-cowboy story, but I didn’t want to be predictable. So I turned it on its ear. I didn’t want a boring “Hero returns home to find he’s a father, and ends up back together with the woman he shared a one night stand with” story.

How dull.

So what could I do to make this stand out from all the other secret baby stories? The biggest thing? My hero is no longer attracted to the mother of his secret baby. Instead, he finds himself desiring forbidden fruit: the sister of said secret-baby-mama.

I admit to being concerned how this would be received—would readers think he was irresponsible or a playboy? I needed to find a reasonable answer to why this outcome would be okay, and it seems as though I did based on the reviews and feedback I’ve gotten. What have they said?

With realistic characters she allows the players to emit love, jealously, betrayal, and a turn of the heart to make all things flow at their own pace. The reactions and justifications of each of them are brought out in a way that threw the reader into the scenes, making one feel a part of it. Heartwarming and wonderfully spun, this story packs a wallop of an exciting tale. -- Linda - Fallen Angel Reviews -- Rated: 5 Angels

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