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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Patti Ann Colt

I am Owner of the Online Romance Writers Circle, a critique group of sixteen wonderful writers and authors. Without this group, I have no doubts I would still be a na├»ve, bumbling unpublished writer. The ORWCircle holds two writing challenges a year – a Summer and a Christmas Hot Kiss contest. My best friend and critique partner, Kelly McCrady, uses the Hot Kiss Contest to pen short stories that she has become quite successful at selling to one of the few markets for romantic short stories. Her latest is called "Martial Hearts" and is available from

In this story, Austin Li, Kenpo Karate instructor and first-degree black belt, is everybody's favorite. Gregarious and talented, he’s as popular with adult students as with the kids he teaches. After a hot day at the karate school’s annual picnic, shy nurse April Martin is anxious to get him alone. If she risks rejection and wrestles Austin to the mat, will she be defeated by disappointment or stand victorious in love?

Kelly’s short stories are some of my favorites. If you need a quick read to brighten your day, check her out. She’s also my wannabe-resident expert on all Echo Falls trivia – she remembers things even I have forgotten! Check out her blog at for an interview I did with her last Friday that contains a ton of interesting tidbits about life in Echo Falls.


Unknown said...

wow, sounds like an awesome book, adding it to my tbr list now!

Kelly McCrady said...

Thanks! It's short but sweet.