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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Helen Scott Taylor

There are two significant secondary characters in The Magic Knot. The first is the hero’s twin brother. Michael O’Connor is physically identical to Niall, but a very different character. Whereas Niall is the strong, silent, protective type, Michael is a fun-loving reprobate who tells tall tales, charms the ladies, and teases Niall mercilessly. He has strong fairy powers including glamour and charms his way out of trouble. He is able to entrance humans and fairies alike with his beauty. Michael gets his chance to be hero in the second book in my romantic fantasy series. His story, The Phoenix Charm, will be available in December 09.

The other important secondary character is a vampiric, winged fairy called Nightshade. When I discovered mythical tales about vampiric fairies during my research, I took the concept and created Nightshade from my imagination. He is black, hunky, and full of attitude. Rose and Niall are never sure if they can trust him, as they don’t know if he is ally or spy. Unlike traditional vampires, Nightshade is alive. For him sucking blood is a pleasure akin to sex and not a necessity to stay alive. He lusts after various characters’ blood and during the story, he gets to indulge his desires more than once. He has a big part in Michael’s story, The Phoenix Charm, the second book in the series, and the third book will be his story.

The Magic Knot is a really wonderful story of magic, suspense, love, and mystery. What a refreshing new take on this idea of other worldly beings.”
—Coffee Time Romance

To read a two-chapter excerpt of The Magic Knot, go to and follow the link.

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