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Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Patti Ann Colt

I grew up in a small community in Northern Idaho and I am an avid reader of romance novels. When I quit working to stay home with my kids and took up writing, out poured homespun romances filled with fun characters, adventure, and lots of tear-jerking love. My first published book is by far one of my favorites. The seed for the story started when I chaperoned my son’s second grade class field trip to a pumpkin farm. Thus began the tale of the Applegate family and the small Texas community of Echo Falls. The Wild Rose Press published this sweet story in November of 2007.

In The Daddy Spell, five-year-old sisters Boo and Lindy Harmon want a daddy and they devise a secret spell to get them one. On a country road, Chad Applegate appears out of nowhere to help the girls and their mother rescue an injured dog. Robin Harmon's stubborn independence and breathtaking curves mesmerize the handsome pumpkin farmer. The twins are fascinated by his tales of pumpkin magic and are sure he’s the one intended to be their daddy. Though attracted to Chad, Robin cannot believe in his happily-ever-after promises. Abandoned by family and the girls’ father, her experience has proven those kinds of dreams never come true. Read this exciting story and see how family, love, and a potent pumpkin spell help Robin take a chance on forever.

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Unknown said...

I love how you got your idea for this book. Can't wait to read it!