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Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Marianne Arkins

This week, I’m going to discuss where I came up with some of the stories I’ve had published. We’ll start with my novel, One Love for Liv.

I came up with the idea for One Love for Liv while I was writing another (still unpublished) novel. Originally, my heroine, Olivia Leigh, was the stalking, psycho ex-fiancée of that novel’s hero. But, as I wrote about her I really fell for her and didn’t want her to be a crazy person anymore.

So, I wrote her out of that story and gave her one of her own. I still made her a stalker, of sorts, but not crazy. Instead, she comes to believe her “perfect” fiancé is cheating on her, so goes undercover to prove it, one way or the other.

I also opted to do something very different with her. I discovered, as I looked over what I’d written up to that point, that I tended to write tomboy heroines... tough, competent, jean-wearing girls who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. I decided Liv had to be the exact opposite. Liv is spoiled, pampered, and wealthy. She has a maid. She can’t cook. She runs a health and beauty spa. She wouldn’t dream of gardening or making a meatloaf from scratch.

Of course, I then had to toss her into a place where she’d be forced to do many of the things she would never have dreamed of doing. Otherwise, what fun would it be?

For the blurb, excerpt, book trailer, and even a deleted scene on this book, go here:

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