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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Helen Scott Thomas

I have always love fantasy and romance, so when I started writing, I soon discovered the genre of fantasy/paranormal romance appealed to me. The second book I wrote was about a parallel world inhabited by a race of demons. This book proved successful winning many writing contests, but when I considered the next paranormal story I would write, I looked for something different.

After researching folk law and mythology, I realized the ideal setting for a story is the fairy world. The world of fairy provides scope for almost anything to happen. Fairies and fairy creatures exist in the folk law and mythology of every country. Within the fairy world, there are all types of beings, from vampires to shape shifters, hideous monsters to the preternaturally beautiful god-like race of the Irish Tuatha Dè Danaan. Many fairy creatures and races possess magical abilities and the range of gifts and skills is limitless. For any writer wanting to flex the imagination and create a new and exciting fantasy world, the fairy world provides a wonderful starting point.

When I create my own fantasy world, I select some existing mythology and then develop and twist it to form my own version. Over the next few days, I’ll discuss the different types of creatures and beings I’ve used in my MAGIC KNOT fantasy romance series.

“THE MAGIC KNOT is a wonderful story filled with many twists that I couldn’t put down… I highly recommend this story for anyone looking for a fun, fascinating, and magical read.”
—Long and Short Reviews

If you would like to read a two-chapter excerpt of THE MAGIC KNOT, please go to and follow the link.

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