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Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Marianne Arkins

“Kitchen Matches” started as a writing prompt (remember how I mentioned my love for prompts?) I found on Lynn Viehl’s blog - Paperback Writer . She suggested looking around wherever you were sitting and write down all the words you saw. Then brainstorm a tagline for each. Amongst the things in my basement office at the time was a box of... you guessed it: Kitchen Matches.

As always, I wanted to take an idea and turn it onto its head. So I needed two opposite people—a tow truck driver and a chef; then made the tow truck driver a petite woman, and the chef a wealthy, tall skinny man who is “slumming” it as a cooking teacher. So he is the “priss” and she is the “tough guy”. She also comes with a set of "macho man" brothers who are massively intrusive in her love life.

This story was actually rejected twice by two different publishers, which frustrated me to no end. Both times I was given editing suggestions, and they were so right! Especially due to my wonderful editor at Samhain Publishing, “Kitchen Matches” became a strong enough story to make it through Mrs. Giggles without too much scarring (and you other authors out there know how scary a Mrs. Giggles review can be).

The most fun I had, though? Creating the “warning” that accompanies the blurb on the Samhain website:

Warning: This story contains flying poultry, annoying older brothers, the occasional quote from Shakespeare, and enough sexual tension to overheat ovens—and engines.

For a blurb, excerpt, book trailer and more for “Kitchen Matches”, please visit here:

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