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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Kathryn Shay

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Good morning readers.

I hope you’re enjoying reading these daily notes as much as I’m enjoying writing them. I’d like to do one more about my current release, A Man She Couldn't Forget, then for the last two days deal with some general things about my work.

In the story, Clare is a cookbook author and TV chef, while the hero is a children’s book author. It was really fun to “write” their books within my storyline. Clare’s series of cookbooks are called Clarissa’s Kitchen, Memories and Meals from Italy, in various volumes. Each recipe includes a story from her life that deals with the food she’s making. For this part, I used many of my family recipes and some stories I remember from my own childhood, like the two that follow.

My aunt Rosie was the baker in the family, and when I got older, I asked her to teach me how to make Italian fruit bars and Italian biscuits, among others. With no written recipe, her instruction was to use a box of raisins, a large sack of flour, a bit of vanilla, etc. It took me months to put all the cookies into workable recipes.

Another interesting family recipe is from my sister Joan. In an attempt to make a perfect minestrone soup, she tried nineteen different versions until she came up with her own special combination of ingredients. This particular soup is a favorite of our family, which I make often.

So, as a bonus, I decided to put the recipes in the book on my website for readers to share in. You can find them at


Kathy Shay


Dena said...

Hi Kathryn, I think books that have books in them are fun. I've never read one with a children's book in one though. Was it harder writing a childs book in your story than an adult story?

Long and Short Reviews said...

Sorry, just saw your comment today.

No, it wasn't hard putting a children's book in A MAN SHEC OULDN’T FORGET. I made up a cute story about a rat and mouse who were best friends. It kind of mirrored Clare and Brady.