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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Cynthia Owens

Hearing the words of famous people can be inspiring, but it can also help you get to know what they were really like. Here are some quotations from some of the people of Ballycashel, the tiny, wind-swept village featured in my Irish-set historical romance novel, In Sunshine or in Shadow:

"Take your filthy English hands off me! I'll not be your whore, Your Honor, not if you promised me a banquet in Heaven itself."
~Siobhan Desmond, on fighting off an attack from her landlord.

"Damn and blast this bloody Irish rain!"
~Rory O'Brien, on returning to the village of his birth.

"We've got to run. Glenleigh's found out. I'll come back for you, my love, I promise."
~Michael Desmond to his wife, Siobhan, just before his capture by Lord Percival Glenleigh.

"A lad doesn't forget the harm his da does to the woman that bore him."
~Grannie Meg to Rory.

"For an American, you've an Irish soul."
~Tom Flynn to Rory.

"Something for poor Biddy;
Her clothes are torn,
Her shoes are worn.
Something for poor Biddy."
~Rhyme chanted by the Bridie Boys on the Eve of St. Brigid.

"They are free to go wherever they please. And if anyone comes to me wanting to emigrate, I will gladly purchase passage for them - but on a decent ship, not a floating coffin."
~Rory to Siobhan, on his tenants.

"I'm all for an Ireland free of Britain's yoke, but I believe that can be achieved through peaceful means. Our freedom will come, if not for me, then for my children, or their children. I'm a patient man. I can wait. So long as I can grow old here on Erin's green shores, I'll be the happy man."
~Tom Flynn.

"I adore you, Siobhan O'Brien. You have made me whole in ways I never knew possible. Because of you, I have been able to forgive myself. You've allowed me to put my past to rest and have taught me how to love. You've taught me that loving someone doesn't mean I'll lose them."
~Rory to Siobhan on their wedding night.

"A baby. A son, perhaps, who'll love horses and poetry the way you do. Or a daughter you can dote on."
~Siobhan to Rory.

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