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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Layover in Louisiana by Missy Lyons

The storm front had gathered ominously over the airport, in heavy black clouds. They lit up periodically with bright flashes of lightning after thunder rocked the building. The rain came down in sheets, puddling on the asphalt runway.

The announcements seemed never ending, flight after flight was delayed. Bryan stiffened when he heard his flight number over the loudspeaker, “Flight 376 has been delayed. It’s new estimated departure time is in five to six hours.” Bryan ran a hand through his wavy brown hair, in frustration. But what had he expected? No one should be flying in this weather. Reluctantly he made his way to the newsstand to pick up a novel to pass the time. How could he be surrounded with people and suddenly feel so lonely? The airport was packed, but they were all strangers.

Two blonde haired little boys bolted past him just as he was reaching for a book. He looked over his shoulder to see a brunette flight attendant in hot pursuit. The same flight attendant from the crew that he was on layover with. He remembered her face and her smile, but right now she was not smiling. Her high heels were clipping the tile with every frantic step.

“Stop! Timmy! Tommy! Get back here right now!” Her voice was strained; clearly she was at the end of her patience. The boys had circled back, taunting her with their nearness, but when they tried to swoop by Bryan again, he grabbed hold of both of them.

“Hey kids, what’s your hurry?” The boys looked scared. They knew punishment was not far behind getting caught. “Is there a tickle monster after you?” With that warning, he began tickling them until the flight attendant had a firm hand on each boy’s hand. Amazing. Their demeanor suddenly changed They were like two little angels, no evidence of their misbehaving. Twins? Probably. They were close in age and very similar in appearance.

“I am sorry. Thank you for your help, Mr. umm? I am sorry I don’t know even your name.” Her voice trailed off in a question.

“Bryan. Anytime.”

“Thank you. My name is Sarah. This is Timmy and Tommy. I know I can’t expect them to sit still for five hours plus the three hour plane trip, and I know they have a lot of energy to spill, but I don’t have that kind of energy anymore. It sure makes me wish they had a playground for kids here.”

She began walking back toward the terminal and Bryan found himself following her. “That would sure make things interesting.”

“Well, malls have them. Why not airports?” She stopped and smiled, studying his features. “You look familiar. Do I know you?”

“I fly a lot for business. You probably have seen me on the plane,” he said evasively. He didn’t want to talk about himself. He wanted to know about her. “Are they your children?”

“That must be how where I know you. No, they are not mine. I am watching them because they are traveling without a guardian. Not that I don’t want children, but I really should find a good man first. No, every time I think I want a child, I just go out and find myself another cat.”

Bryan couldn’t help smiling to himself. So she needed to find a man? He could be good most the time…Well sometimes he was good. “Just how many cats do you have?” She liked cats. He had a cat. That was good wasn’t it?

“Three,” she admitted sheepishly.

Bryan laughed, kicking up a smile. “I’m a cat person myself. I have one waiting for me at home in Van Nuys right now. She is probably wondering where I am right about now.”

“You live in Van Nuys? LAX is my home airport. I take the bus from Van Nuys almost every day I go to work.”

“Me too. What a small world this is.” She was about to leave. He could recognize the signs. She was interested in him. She was turning to leave. “What do you kids think about getting a bite to eat? My treat.”

“Yeah,” the kids sang out in unison.

Sarah played with her hair, twisting a strand at the nape of her neck, obviously hesitating accepting. He was good at reading people; it was part of his job. “I don’t know.”

“It’ll keep them entertained for a bit. We can get you some chocolate to help give you enough energy to keep up with these kids. I hear chocolate helps make everything better.”

“Yay! Chocolate.” The twins started pulling her arms, leading her in a new direction to the food court.

“Chocolate? I daresay you know the way into a woman’s heart.”

Bryan treated them to some overpriced hamburgers and drinks and four chocolate bars for dessert. They sat down and it was no time before he was lost in conversation. He had seen her lots of times in the air, but he had been working, and she had been working. What a quirk of fate that they passed each other so many times, until they were familiar faces without ever stopping to talk and really know each other.

The storm outside had quieted. Time passed too quickly. Bryan thought he probably should say goodbye but he didn’t want to. He didn’t want this to end. He liked the warm feeling he felt next to her.

“Sarah, I don’t want to be too forward, but how would you like to get together for dinner sometime? I mean I feel like I met you already, we see each other so much and I just--” He paused trying to rephrase what didn’t seem to be coming out right at all.

Why did he feel so tongue-tied? He had done this before; dating wasn’t that hard.

“I would like that.” She flashed a brilliant smile at him, radiating warmth. Suddenly it felt like the sun had just chased away a storm.

About the Author: Missy Lyons was first published by Phaze books with an erotic short called Closing the Deal. A tale of revenge with a twist of ménage. She was soon caught with the writing bug and has been writing romance stories ever since from sweet an d sensual to hot and heavy, there is always something to please everyone in her storytelling. You can find out more about her at or

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