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Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Kathryn Shay

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Hello, again, readers.

Yesterday I talked about enriching my work with a day job and things from my everyday life. Today I’d like to discuss how I use travel in my books. Though I mostly write home and family stories, which take place in small towns, and once in a while I set books in New York City, I often send my characters to places I’ve traveled.

In A Man She Couldn't Forget, my characters made a trip to NYC and stayed at the Marquis Marriot and ate at the revolving restaurant on the top of the building. I love this hotel and its atmosphere so Clare and Jonathan did, too. For a series of books for Berkley about the O’Neil family, I went to Greenwich Village, visited an Irish pub and firehouses in that area, and stood on the exact spots my fictional Irish pub and firehouse would be. I watched the traffic, listened to the sounds of the streets, and looked for familiar landmarks to make my work realistic.

Once, while walking the beach in Florida, I was amazed by Siesta Key’s grandeur and the big hotels which lined the water. At the time, I was working on a book about a divorced couple and I did a flashback of the hero and heroine celebrating their tenth anniversary in that exact spot.

My still-available Taking the Heat has Sophie celebrating Christmas on the Greek island of Santorini, one of the most beautiful places in Europe I’ve ever visited. I sent the characters in Be My Babies, my previous Superromance, to Paris, and the book ends right in front of the Louvre, overlooking the gorgeous glass pyramid at the entrance to this imposing building. The heroine sits in one of the caf├ęs which flanks the museum and is reunited with the hero on a street bench I myself once occupied.

And one day, readers will hear about how my husband and I were robbed by a pickpocket on the streets of Barcelona this past fall.

Let me end my week with you by thanking you for giving me this chance to tell you about myself and my writing. I’ve truly enjoyed it and hope you’ll read some of my work. And, don’t forget, I’ll be giving away a free copy of this book, or any available one in my backlist, in a contest determined by your website moderators.

Kathy Shay


Dena said...

Hi Kathryn,
You have been to a lot of wonderful and beautiful places that I would love to visit! Maybe someday...
It was interesting and fun learning about you and your books this week. Thanks for sharing.

kathrynshay said...

I've been lucky, Dena, to have the opportunity to go visit so many places. Glad you enjoyed the essays.

kathrynshay said...

Thanks for having me on the site, everyone. I truly enjoyed sharing my life with you.