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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Author Interview: Pamela Thibodeaux

The Long and the Short of It is very pleased to welcome Pamela Thibodeaux. Pamela is the co-founder/president and treasurer of Bayou Group Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Pamela told me that when she grew up, she wanted to be a housewife and a mother. In fact, since she was three or four years old, she said, “My dream was to ‘get a baby girl and find someone to love me and my baby girl and get married.’” She laughed and continued, “Now I know that’s not the correct order of things but this has always been my biggest dream and greatest accomplishment.”

Pamela shared with me that for her, the hardest part about writing any book is the necessary edits and revisions. “I really enjoy the creative part,” she told me, “and would simply love it if I could write and then send it off for someone else to edit and promote. I’d probably get a lot more written if this was the case.” She added, with a laugh, “Who wouldn’t?”

I asked Pamela if she considered herself a multi-tasker. “Well, let’s see,” she said. “I am a Christian wife/mother/grandmother/full-time sales producer in the insurance industry/writer (which includes promoting) as well as the co-founder/president/treasurer of Bayou Writer’s Group. If you count the many hats I wear, I think you could say I am a champion multi-tasker!”

One way she gets so much accomplished is that she is very much a morning person. “Early mornings are when I get the most accomplished,” she shared with me. “I often say I do a full-day’s work before most people get out of bed!” Another way is that she stays focused. “When I’m writing,” she told me, “I use nearly every spare moment (mornings, evenings, weekends) to write. When I’m not actively writing, I edit/revise/submit/promote.”

Pamela’s office is actually a spare bedroom. Her desk sits in front of a window facing east. She gets to share the space with a closet her husband had turned into a “hunting closet” complete with gun racks and shelves to store his things. A bookcase full of books for her granddaughter Bryanna also share her office. “To my right,” she said, “are two filing cabinets. Behind me are a cedar chest and another bookshelf overflowing.”

With Pamela being from south Louisiana (and with the recipe she’s sharing with us this week) I had to ask about her heritage. “I am a born-and-bred Cajun,” she told me, “with strains of Cherokee blood mixed with a little French and a hint of German.”

I asked Pamela, “If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for?”

“Peace on earth and the goodwill of men to shine through our present darkness,” she said. “Alas, if I believe what I say (that the Bible is true) then I know this will not happen...but if only people would be a little nicer, it would make the evil seem less so.”

Finally, I asked Pamela what advice she would give to a new writer just starting out. “Write, write, write,” she said. “Learn, learn, learn and never give up! Writing is a gift and a talent given to you by God. Don’t hide your gift or bury your talent.”

You can keep up with Pamela on her blog,

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