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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Author Interview: Linda Francis Lee

The Long and the Short of It is very excited to welcome Linda Francis Lee, author of The Ex-Debutante.

I asked Linda what advice she would give a new writer just starting out. “While it’s a cliche,” she said, “writing what you know truly helps a story come alive, allows you to write from a place of passion or feeling rather simply from a place of intellect.”

She shared with me that the hardest part of writing not only The Ex-Debutante , but any book, is “filling the initial blank pages.” She continued, “Once they start filling up, my brain opens up and creates more easily.”

At the time of the interview, Linda and her family were in temporary space, so she told me she wrote on a laptop wherever she could find a space. “The key is,” she told me, “to write no matter what the surroundings are like.” She writes a quota of pages every day, Monday through Friday. However, she said, “Once I’m in the editing phase, I work practically without stop until it’s done. I love the editing. Love working with the words and sentences, making meaning come alive.”

I asked Linda to tell us about The Ex-Debutante, which we are giving away this week. “The Ex-Debutante is about Carlisle Cushing who leaves Texas in search of herself, only to be dragged back to her home town in order to deal with her mother’s latest divorce and to save the 100th Annual Debutante Ball. And it just so happens that opposing counsel on the opposite side of divorce court appears to be going after Carlisle as much as he is going after her mother. Could it be that maybe, just maybe, she left him as well when she hightailed it out of Texas three years earlier?”

For some things you might not know about Linda-- interestingly enough, a saying she uses a lot is “interestingly enough.” And when I asked her if she’d ever eaten a crayon, she responded, “You ask this like it's not normal to eat crayons. Doesn't everyone eat crayons? If not, then I don't eat them either. Really.” I also asked her, “Can you unwrap a Starburst with your tongue?”, she said, “Can’t everyone?” And, finally, I asked her if she could multitask. She said, “I am unwrapping a Starburst with my tongue as I type. Does that count?”

You can keep up with Linda Lee Francis on her website, .

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