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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Interview: Cara Marsi

The Long and the Short of It is excited to welcome author Cara Marsi who is a self-confessed “corporate drone and cubicle dweller with a romantic soul.” Fortunately, she has writing and reading romance to help her escape to a world of happy endings.

She wanted to write since she first learned to read and credits her love of romance to the vintage romantic comedies she watched on late night TV. She told me she’s always made up stories in her head and, as a young teen, she devoured the historical romances of Elizabeth Howard and the Judy Bolton mystery series.

Because she works full-time, she has to take her writing time when she can get it. “I write every lunch hour and whenever I get the chance,” she said, “even if it’s fifteen minute intervals. I meet with my critique partner every Tuesday night at our local Barnes & Noble. And...there’s a lot of housework that just doesn’t get done.”

Cara had a dream and never gave up on it. She decided to join Romance Writers of America and began working on honing her craft. And, it paid off. She now has A Catered Affair available from Avalon books and she has a new book, Logan’s Redemption, out with The Wild Rose Press.

“Logan’s Redemption is a reunion story with dark edges,” Cara said. “Doriana and Logan fight old lies and secrets and new dangers to claim the future denied them years ago. I love stories about second chances and people who aren’t afraid to go after what they want.”

Cara definitely lives up to that in her own life and her advice to new writers just reinforces it. “Read what you want to write,” she told me. “Attend conferences and workshops. And write, write, write. If you really want it, go for it and never, ever give up.”

I asked her what she was working on now. “I’m working on a werewolf, demon, bounty hunger, witch, vampire, reincarnation paranormal,” she said. One thing we can be sure of... it will have feisty women and a happy ending.

On a personal note...Cara’s favorite animal is a cat (you can see a picture of her cat, Killer, on her website...he’s a beauty) and the strangest thing she’s ever eaten is kangaroo when she was in Australia.

Cara’s dream of becoming an author came true because of hard work. Another dream she has is having a house overlooking the Caribbean with a large deck where she can write, “just like Robert Ludlum, author of spy thrillers.” And, who knows, this is another dream that might just come true.

You can read more about Cara and her writing life at her website.

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