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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Author Interview: Marisa Chenery

The Long and the Short of It would like to welcome Marisa Chenery. Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and four children. She told me that with four children in the house, she sometimes has to use a little ingenuity to be able to concentrate. When the noise level gets to distractibility-levels, she plugs in her portable CD player, sticks on her headphones and listens to movie soundtracks. She finds listening to the scores tends to help her drown out other, more distractible sounds.

One sound that isn’t distracting to her, though, is thunder. She loves storms and shared with me, “I love to watch the lightening streak across the sky and hear the booming thunder afterwards. I was taught to never be afraid of them, but to enjoy watching it through a window.”

Marisa told me she’d always loved books, but once she read her first historical romance, she was hooked. And, of course, she soon wanted to try her own hand at writing a book. So, eleven years ago, she started writing her very first one. She started with the historicals she loved so well, but has since branched out to paranormals.

She didn’t consider herself a “writer,” though, until this year when she signed her first book contract. “I may have written three books by that time,” she said, “but until I actually had one published I could never call myself a writer.”

One of the people she credits with helping her get that first book published is MaryJanice Davidson. “I love her writing style and her story of how she started out is very similiar to mine,” Marisa said. “But coming across her ebook Escape the Slush Pile was the key to having my very first book published. It is the best tool any unpublished author romance author should pick up and read if they are trying to get their book epublished.”

She’s currently working on two books. “The first is a sci fi romance, a novella in length,” she told me. “The second is a paranormal/werewolf romance, which will be a full length novel. I have always loved werewolf romances and knew I would end up writing one of my own at some point.”

Like many romance writers, Marisa has a definite sentimental streak. She admits freely to crying during movies, although she did say, “If I'm not watching the movie alone I will fight it to the bitter end, but if I'm alone I let the tears fall.”

Marisa loves hearing from people, so drop by her website at and drop her a line while you’re there!

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