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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Author Interview: E. G. Parsons

The Long and the Short of It is very excited to welcome E.G. Parsons to our pages. E.G. has been a professional freelance writer for many years, writing for newspapers and magazines. Her love of books began as a child when she'd curl up in the barn loft on rainy days to read Edgar Allen Poe or Nancy Drew Mysteries. That love has only grown stronger over the years. As a member of the International Women's Writers Guild, she enjoys writing and reading sizzling romance enhanced with the elements of mystery, suspense, and the paranormal. Today Elizabeth resides in the Midwest with her husband, sons, and a boxer named Charlie.
I asked Elizabeth how many books she’d written. She told me she was currently rewriting her sixth book. They’ve not all been fiction. In fact, she has three books of poetry published. Her fiction includes a romantic suspense, the first in a time travel romance series (we are giving this one away in our contest this week), and she’s currently working on Shadow of Rachel, a historical romance with a touch of the paranormal.  

Black Rock: A Time for Love is being released by The Wild Rose Press this winter and one lucky reader will be among the very first to receive it. I asked her to tell me a little about the book.  

Elizabeth said, “The setting begins on a ranch in Texas in the late 1800's and then goes forward to modern times. There's plenty of sizzling romance between Roxanne and Collin as well as suspense as they travel through time to escape the clutches of a killer.” 

All writers have writing quirks of one kind or another. I asked Elizabeth to tell me about hers. 

“I'm almost embarrassed to admit it,” she told me, “but sometimes I pretend to be my heroine and walk around acting out a scene and speaking into a handheld recorder. Then I play it back to see if it works for the story. It helps me see if the dialogue sounds natural or forced.” 

To renew herself and reduce stress, Elizabeth has two hobbies she shared with me. She loves to garden and paint. She said, “Put a paintbrush in my hand and a canvas in front of me and I'm a happy person. When the spring comes, my fingers itch to be digging in the dirt.” 

Another thing she enjoys is hearing from her readers. Her poetry has always won her lots of fans, but when her first novel, Captive Fear, was published and she began receiving emails as well as snail mail, she was “so excited. The comments I got most were that I was their new favorite author and it was the best book they’d ever read. I can’t even begin to describe how that makes me feel as a writer. I cherish those letters.” 

Elizabeth has led an interesting life. She lives in the Midwest, but grew up in south Florida. She told me the following tale. 

“When I was a child in South Florida, we lived down the block from a butcher shop and Mom would send me for cheap cuts of meat to make soup. The butcher always had some kind of strange food for me to try (chocolate covered ants and fried grasshoppers) and I guess I was a strange child because I was always up for it. And really they weren't bad at all.” 

She did not lose her spirit or adventure when she became an adult, either. 
“My niece who is close to my age and I made the mistake of [making a crank phone call] one summer after watching the movie "I Saw What You Did and I know Who You Are". Suffice it say we got into a situation almost as scary as the one those girls in the movie got into. So never ever make prank calls.” 

Be sure and visit Elizabeth at her website, where she has some fun things to do and a contest for you to enter.

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